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We believe our health is connected to the protein we consume, which is connected to the soil we raise our pigs on. We strive to build soil health with animals rather than large amounts of purchased nitrogen and phosphorous.

Here at Olive Branch, we believe great food starts with the soil. It's all connected. The soil, the animal, us. Our goal is to let the animal feed the soil, which in turn feeds the plants, which feeds the animals that feed us.

Our job is just to manage the cycle. "Circle of life"


We have many Russian Olive trees on our place and come to find out Pigs LOVE these seeds. From later summer through winter, the sows and pigs search for these as they fall.


We knew that "Olive Branch Pork" was going to be our name, but we wanted to do a little more research on what it really meant. When we searched the term Olive branch, we found a few things that fit, the Olive Branch is a sign of peace. Also, the Olive branch is the first thing the dove brought back to Noah after the great flood.

Our Team

Meet the Buessing Family

Here at Olive Branch, we believe that every animal has a purpose, and if managed properly they will contribute to a more sustainable system on our land.


We grew up on a Midwest grain-livestock operation, loved working with the animals, but wasn't a big fan of spending too much time on a tractor.

In 1996 we got married, had 4 children and some of them are now returning back to the land with us.

We run mostly stocker cattle, but do have some cows, sows, pigs, sheep, chickens and guard dogs. We also have ducks, geese, guineas, peacocks and goats from time to time.


We have always done things different than most of our neighbors, and probably make our fair share of the coffee shop talk, but that gets folks thinking, we hope.


Livestock is a tough business. It take a lot of operating capital, which means long unscheduled hours.  We work 7 days a week, someone always has to tend the stock, they don't take the weekends or Christmas off. However, we find it more rewarding when working with a beating heart and usually a smiling face.

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